Frequently Asked Questions

I have a rail/slotted system on my trailer. Will the Kwik Klamp work with this?

Yes! Some manufacturers have designed their trailers with a slot that allows for positioning of the snowmobile at different locations on the trailer. This slot requires a trailer/manufacturer specific t-bolt that eliminates our coupler system. Let our customer service representative know that you have this kind of trailer and who the manufacturer is to ensure you receive the correct t-bolt.

I have an old slotted trailer, but the slots are damaged and worn out. Can I use the Kwik Klamp on this trailer?

Yes! We understand that due to the age of the slotted trailers, some of them have a damaged slot. A coupler hole (1/2” or 3/4″) needs to be drilled in the location of where you are going to mount the snowmobile and our Kwik Klamp will then work.

Is the price different for a Kwik Klamp?

No. The price of the Kwik Klamp is still $64.95 each.

How do I prevent rust from forming on my t-bolt?

Go to your local auto parts store and buy anti-seize. Spread some of the anti-seize on the bolt and run the nut up and down the bolt.

Is your coupler designed to be driven over?


I have multiple snowmobiles with different ski heights. How easy is it to adjust to different ski heights? Do you need any tools or is it a simple procedure?

Very easy! Just purchase our Quick Nut which is an addition that eliminates the lock nut and the adjustment nut for finger tight and pre-adjustment.