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What our customers are saying about our Kwik Klamp system.

” I have to let everyone know that the ease and convenience of Kwik Klamps is worth way more than the cost of this product. I bought a used trailer a couple of years ago, and Kwik Klamps were included. Best tie down system I have ever used. I have struggled with screw type ski tie downs for years. Iced bolt holes, they never seem to get tight. Ice, salt sand buildup on exposed threads under trailer make them a bear to get unscrewed. Even had one get cross threaded one time, that was a nightmare.  I tell everyone about the Kwik Klamp system if any related conversation arises.


Steven Mitchell – Oakdale, MN


“I picked up two sets of Kwik Klamps, a little leary that they’d be complicated to assemble, adjust and use.  I was very wrong – they were simple, quick and very effective.  A couple seasons later, one of the cam pieces broke.  After one voicemail and a couple emails, they sent out a new one within days and it took no longer that 3 minutes to replace and reset.  Needless to say, I’m VERY impressed with this product and their customer service.  I highly recommend them for anyone tired of the t-bolts, wingnuts or worse – the crank!”  Andrew Wright – Milaca, MN

“I have been using the Kwik Klamp system now for 6 years on my enclosed 3 place snowmobile trailer, and have loved it since the first time I clicked it in place. I love the fact that all you need to do is place the T bolt in the coupler; that is permanently mounted to the trailer and turn the handle a 1/4 turn and done.

No more working to clear a plugged bolt to get the bolt started; not to mention the time it takes to screw that old bolt in until tight. No more climbing through a dark tight trailer to kneel down and hand tighten an old crank style bolt. Place and click in place and done in 3 seconds. Even dealing with Triton’s newer slot system requires you to keep turning the bolt in. No more dropping the bolt out of the bar and having to dig around in the back of the truck or snowy ground. No more clearance room under the belly pan when inserting the bolt. Simply grab the bag, place it over the ski’s, position it in the coupler, twist a 1/4 turn; 3-4 seconds and done. Reverse that process when unloading. It can’t be any easier than this.

I have tried multiple clamp systems before accidentally stumbling onto Kwik Klamp. I tried everything ranging from the normal twist in tie downs to large over the ski clamps and even simply using strap style tie-downs over the front and rear bumpers. Kwik Klamp’s design beats them all. Even when not hauling sleds, the small coupler on the deck isn’t ever in the way when using my trailer to haul something else.

The cost of the system is an extremely good buy. Check out pricing for other competitors and for the price of one of their clamps you can buy 2 or 3 of the Kwik Klamp system. I believe that this system could cost at more than the double the $65 and still be worth it. Thankfully the company prices it extremely competitively and has great customer service people on the phone.

Finally, I just switched trailers and was in need of a few parts to allow me to setup my new trailer with Kwik Klamp. I nearly panicked when I couldn’t find their website. It had changed from the information on the handle to what it is today. It took only a few minutes to find the right site but I was very nervous and was thinking how can I could get someone to make me what I need. I never want to go back to the old screw down style again.

Kwik Klamp, you have a customer for life.”

Jim Franz Minneapolis, MN

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